A Truly International Conference
“Medicine without Borders or Walls”

Dear Friends and Colleagues

On behalf of our International Organizing Committee, it is my great pleasure and honour to welcome you to the 1st Annual International Conference on Regenerative Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine 2019 (IROSM 2019). This conference will take place on 22nd-24th November 2019 in Athens, Greece.

Our goals are to provide an opportunity for world renowned leaders to share their expertise, to support world class education and training.  Other goals are to create a vehicle for physicians to build a community to share cases, protocols and develop dialog between physicians worldwide.

Unique to this meeting will be collaboration with the European College of Sports and Exercise Physicians ECOSEP.

Regenerative Orthopaedics in Sports Medicine is the future and “the future is now”. This is an extremely disruptive specialty and it is changing the way we practice medicine. It also challenges old dogmatic patient pathways.

We have created an exceptional program covering different topics on Regenerative Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine from basic research to areas within daily practice. The format of the meeting will hopefully encourage interaction between participants and distinguished speakers from all over the world in symposia, instructional lectures and workshops.

You will be welcome to submit your research papers for presentation and participation in the symposium. This will provide a wonderful opportunity for both consultants and trainees to learn and discuss.

In addition, the congress will also include different comprehensive informative learning, panel discussions, refresher courses, workshops, cadaver ultrasound guided injection workshops, and ultrasound instructional courses. This is a comprehensive educational program that allows professionals from academia and medical practice to be updated with the latest research and rapid developments occurring in the field of Regenerative Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine.

Athens is one of the most exciting cities in the world and it is a truly multi-ethnic vibrant centre which will excite every visitor. I really believe that this congress will be one of the most influential in our field this year. I recommend that you make the effort to attend. It will not disappoint you.

Let us move forward to promote the development of Regenerative Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine. With your collaboration I am sure that we will be able to walk together in a much more rewarding way for our profession.

Please visit our website at for more information and updates about the program. On behalf of the Organization Committee, I look forward to welcoming you to the “1st Annual International Conference on Regenerative Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine” in Athens on 22nd-24th November 2019.


Dr Ralph Rogers MD PhD MBA
Regenerative Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine
Rogers Regenerative Medical Group